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Snyder’s Crop Service: Agrifac solutions are truly Brilliant Simple!

Snyder’s Crop Service LLC, United States of America

Snyder's Crop Service LLC Agrifac Condor CLearancePlus

My name is Ed Snyder from Snyder’s Crop Service. We do crop protection application, fertilizer application and we do some sales in liquid and dry fertilizer and some consulting in crop scouting. I had my eyes on European sprayers for a number of years. The functionality and capabilities that they have caught my attention. This kind of machines were previously not for sale in North America. 

It seems that European machines are more technologically advanced then the machines used over here. We had the opportunity to see the machine at first hand on the Agritechnica exhibition in Germany. I was really impressed: a lot of the functionalities that Agrifac offers are standard on their equipment, if we ever wanted that here, we need to add it as an aftermarket.

We looked at several European brands and we compared them all, but what sets Agrifac apart is their approach. Dealing directly with the end user made a big impression on me. Also their commitment to being “Brilliant Simple”, when you work around the machine it is obvious that they hold to that. Every decision or change that they make, complies with the standard and it really makes it quite a nice machine. 

The highlights of the Condor from my perspective are the circulation system and the individual nozzle section control. I’m also impressed by its dimensions. Agrifac is able to put a large capacity sprayer in a way smaller machine as what we are used to here in North America. 

Snyder's Crop Service LLC Agrifac Condor CLearancePlus Zonderland AG Enterprises Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus Ontario Zonderland AG Enterprises Agrifac Condor ClearancePlus Ontario

The sales and service are exceptional. I’m really impressed about how Agrifac worked through the issues we had, and I appreciate about how they addressed them. I feel like that the whole Agrifac team is very informed. You can talk to many different people of Agrifac and they are all informed about any issue you are having, and they all seem really interested in coming up with some type of a solution to whatever the problem is. So I have been very impressed by the Agrifac team, both sales and service.

There is a lot about Agrifac that resonates with me. The direction that Agrifac is going is a great example when looking at my job concerning the application of chemicals or fertilizer. Also, I like the projects that Agrifac is involved in. Agrifac is quite a few years ahead of its competition when it comes to precision agriculture. It is not only about electronics, gps or the technology of doing a precise application. It is the overall picture and then I come back to the “Brilliant Simple” again. All their solutions are “Brilliant Simple” as they move forward with their new ideas and projects. I am confident that whatever solutions they will bring to the machine, it will work well.

Caleb Strausser: “The StabiloPlus stands out; it handles all kind of tracks. It keeps the tires on the ground at all times. By using the very easy trackwidth adjustment we are still able to drive over 4 rows of 30 inch corn in the field. The short wheel base in combination with the four wheel steering makes it right on. Down the road it is really nice. The Condor is the fastest machine in our company and quite narrow and light compared to North American machines. What I see as a big advantage of the ClearancePlus is that we are able to have the high clearance when we really need it. Down the road and during spring we just have a conventional sprayer. It adds so much versatility to our business. We now have a longer spraying season.

Snyder's Crop Service Agrifac COndor ClearancePlusThe EcoTronicPlus is very visual which makes the machine easy to use. It helps you to operate the machine quickly. At a single glance you will see whether all valves are in the right position. And if you want to go in depth you can find out more information.

We have a 70/100/130 ft J-Boom. It has several folding widths which makes the machine even more flexible. Therefore we always have the right boom size. We have a 15 inch nozzle spacing. We choose this because corn is grown on 30 inch rows, so we have a nozzle inbetween each row for side dressing of the crop. Next to this we have 103 individual nozzle sections. Therefore we can reduce the overlap to a minimum. 

The circulation system is also new here in North America. We are able to start right on with spraying. This helps us to save chemicals. This is really nice for easy cleanout considering the large number of small fields and different mixes. We don’t have boom ends and valves, so the circulation system helps with that. With the regulation valve of Agrifac you are always staying on rate, you can go from 103 nozzles down to a couple. The nozzles are right there and they are spraying fine with the right application rate. The machine is able to change that fast. 

The HighTechAirPlus really helps controlling the droplet size. For different chemicals and different weather we can control the droplet size easy. We don’t have to worry about the coverage of the crop, the computer will also add the right amount of air.

The fuel economy is amazing, it is really efficient compared to other North American machines.

A selection of parts I needed later came along with the machine. The service is incredible, talking to the service people of Agrifac, we almost didn’t noticed that they were not over here! Also dealing with the time difference wasn’t an issue at all. Agrifac also came over a couple of times, to check out the machine and listen to our experiences. It really feels like that Agrifac listens to its customers, and asks them what they want to do. They come with solutions that are different and innovative, they want to come with solutions that cover the issues and not just a patch or a bandaid for the moment. The product itself is really good, but the people of Agrifac are even better.”

Name: Ed Snyder & Caleb Strausser
Company: Snyder's Crop Service LLC
Location: United States of America
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