Agrifac - World Record Wheat Yield set by Agrifac Condor user Eric Watson

World Record Wheat Yield set by Agrifac Condor user Eric Watson

The World Record for highest wheat yield is set by Agrifac Condor user Eric and Maxine Watson. The couple produced a staggering 16.791 tonnes per hectare.

The winter wheat was planted on 11.8918 ha (29.39 acres) on 9 April 2016 and after Eric Watson and his Agrifac Condor fed and protected the crop for a full season, a wheat yield of 16.791 tonnes/ha (37017.2 lbs/ha or 249.68 bushels/acre) was harvested at Paddock 15, Wakanui, Canterbury, New Zealand, on 17 February 2017.

Eric and Maxime Watson Eric Watson - Guinness World Records Wheat Yield Agrifac Condor

“Last year we got the world record it was a very kind season, very nice autumn, very good growing conditions, a mild winter, maybe even too mild, a cold spring, it never was too hot, so we manage to achieve a yield of 16.791 tons per hectare which is now an official World Record. I am sure the Agrifac Condor helped me achieve this world record.” 

Eric is the proud owner of an Agrifac Condor self-propelled sprayer. Mister Watson already uses the Agrifac Condor for four years now. His Condor is equipped with the HighTechAirPlus system (HTA) which means a higher capacity is reached because less water is needed for spraying, increasing the sprayable time per hour. 

“I do my own spraying at the moment. I enjoy spraying, apart from spending the money on the chemical. It is a way to see and evaluate the crop, I really enjoy it. And the Agrifac Condor self-propelled sprayer is a very nice machine to operate.”

After setting the new world record, Watson doesn’t take it easy but invested in a Condor Endurance with an even larger boom of 48 meters. Eric uses the large tank and spray capacity of the Condor Endurance to apply liquid fertilizer as well. “That capacity could be critical at some times. On a decent day we will cover over 200 hectares which we need to do with a higher application rate of nitrogen in the crops”. The Condor Endurance is the biggest sprayer in the Condor range and offers a staggering 8.000 liter tank, which offers a higher efficiency. Especially in the  combination with HighTechAirPlus system, where less water is needed to spray.

Besides the world record wheat yield, Agrifac also played a vital role in the world record spraying. Karolyn, Tony and Brendan Mason completed with their Condor Endurance 2,638 ha (6,515.86 acres) of summer spraying in 24 hours. And a second world record spraying 150,7 ha (372,4) in just one hour.

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Eric Watson with his Condor

  • 16.791 tons wheat per hectare
  • Guinness World Record
  • New Zealand 
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Guinness World Record Wheat Yield set by Agrifac Condor user Eric Watson

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